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Back 2 School Basics ~ Tips To Keeping Your Home Running Smoothly!

Egelin Property Group knows that a lot of our family, friends, and clients had school age children start back to school this week!  With that said, we would like to share some helpful hints to keep your home systems running smoothly and efficiently as your kids are settling back in at school:

  1. A/C: The most important maintenance task to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters.
  2. Dishwasher: Appliance technicians recommend running vinegar through the system at least once a month to help reduce calcium build up.
  3. Water Heater: Drain about a quarter of the tank a few times a year to remove sediment and debris.
  4. Heating Unit: HVAC specialists recommend check-ups every other year to inspect for cracks in the heat exchanger and possible leaks in gas lines

We hope that you and your families are getting back into the swing of starting a new school year!  If you have any real estate needs throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact Egelin Property Group at (214) 790-4400.  We are always here to help!


IMPORTANT REMINDER ~ School Is Back In Session Next Week Keep Our Children Safe!!!

Egelin Property Group just wants to send out a friendly reminder to our family, friends, and clients that North Texas schools will be back from summer break beginning the week of August 22nd. With that in mind, we need to ensure that the safety of our children remains our top priority!  All normal back-to-school safety measures will be in effect, so please be aware of school zones in which cell phone usage is prohibited unless your device is hands-free, and you must also ensure you observe the laws regarding school buses.  Please make sure you are sharing the road with school buses, pedestrians, and bicyclists.  Egelin Property Group hopes all your children have a wonderful first week back to school!


Great Britain Leaves European Union Potentially Driving Mortgage Rates Even Lower!!!

Egelin Property Group always has our client’s best interested at heart and we are always monitoring the news for interest rate changes.  Based on this information we thought you might like to know that last night’s decision by Great Britain to leave the European Union is creating havoc on the financial markets.  Uncertainty usually results in investors placing money in bonds.   With money filtering out of stocks and into mortgage bonds right now, this has the potential impact of driving mortgage rates even lower than they’ve been!  This is a great opportunity for people to purchase a home or refinance their existing home!  Contact Egelin Property Group today at (214) 790-4400 so that we can look into what these potential interest rate changes can do for you!  We look forward to helping you achieve all your real estate dreams!!!




Summer Cooling Tips From Egelin Property Group!

Egelin Property Group is always on the look out for helpful tips for our friends, family, and clients.  As summer is now upon us here are some important summer cooling tips we would like to share with you:

  • Set your thermostat at as high a temperature as comfortably possible in the summer, and ensure humidity control if needed. The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be.
  • Avoid setting your thermostat at a colder setting than normal when you turn on your air conditioner. It will not cool your home any faster and could result in excessive cooling and, therefore, unnecessary expense.
  • Consider using an interior fan along with your window air conditioner to spread the cooled air through your home without greatly increasing your power use.
  • Avoid placing appliances that give off heat such as lamps or TVs near a thermostat.

We hope that you stay cool this summer and please do not hesitate to contact us at (214) 790-4400 for any real estate needs you may have!  We look forward to hearing from you!


Just Listed ~ Gorgeous 6 Bedroom Home In A Prestigious Gated Community in Ennis!!!!

Egelin Property Group is at it again!  We have an absolutely stunning home in Ennis that just hit the market and trust us it won’t be available long.  This 6 bedroom 5 3/4 bathroom home is located on a lot just over an acre and is nestled in an impressive gated community!  You have to see this property to believe all the upgrades to the home!  Just to mention a few it has Pella energy efficient windows throughout the house, a glistening saltwater pool, a cook’s kitchen including a Viking range, granite counters throughout, and gorgeous wood floors.  It also includes a second garage with a studio apartment above!  This is a dream home and it could be yours!  Don’t hesitate, contact Egelin Property Group today at (214) 790-4400 to schedule your showing and let us help you achieve all of your real estate dreams!!!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Quick Flip is One Tactic for House Flipping Success!

Most house flipping veterans can look back on their successful projects and place them in either of two columns. Either they were intended to be quick flips—turnarounds where speed was a prime ingredient because of an original tactical decision—or they were not.

The quick flips depend on speedy, focused action in three of the four phases a house flipping project entails. In the opening phase— lining up the capital—speed is not important. Of course, nothing else will materialize unless financing for the property is obtainable when needed—but there is no timer ticking away. Once it is likely that funding will be obtainable, that’s when the clock starts.

Phase Two—finding, negotiating, and closing on a suitable property—is a real foot race. A quick flip only materializes after a suitable property has been identified. “Suitable” in this context means a home that can be made attractive in the market without requiring extensive and time-consuming rehabilitation—cosmetically challenged, but not structurally unsound. If it is already on the market, it’s probable that the present owner’s circumstances make them disinclined to oversee any turnaround work themselves. The need for speed is apparent: since the current asking price has to be low enough to allow sufficient profit upon its resale, other interested parties will be interested once they get wind of the opportunity. This kind of qualified house at a sensible price is certain to find a ready buyer quickly.

During the next fixup phase, speed and agility is equally important. The work of repairing and renovating calls for fixing underlying mechanical issues, then making everything cosmetically inviting and immaculately clean. Time really IS money: not just the time a project takes, during which the investment capital can’t be allocated elsewhere—but also the house flipper’s time. It’s why many are themselves experienced contractors—and why most of the others have a deep contact list of those they can rely upon. When a turnaround effort drags on for month after month during which the project is consuming rather than producing, the bottom line suffers. A quick flip’s success can be measured by its final net profit divided by the number of weeks it took, purchase to sale.

The end phase of house flipping is the sale—which calls for expediency for the same reasons. If all else has proceeded as planned, speed here is likely for one simple reason. If the first three house flipping phases have been professionally executed, that means that a profitable sale can happen with an asking price that’s a touch beneath comparable local properties. Nothing assures speedy success more than that!

Quick flips are not the only kind of house flipping, either. Some properties need a lot more tender (and time-consuming) care before they can be profitably returned to market. But for either kind of buying and selling, being able to rely on an experienced Town Realtor® is a key asset. Whether your next real estate endeavor is in search of profit or simply a home that’s just right for your family, we hope to be answering your call! Please give Egelin Property Group a call today at (214) 790-4400, we are here to help you!

Great Information Regarding Renters Insurance ~ However Is Purchasing A Home The Better Investment?!?!

At Egelin Property Group we are always looking out for each and every one of our clients whether they are looking to buy, sell, or currently renting.  Provided below is some very important information regarding deciphering renters insurance that is very useful for those of us currently renting.  However, we encourage you to read all the way to the bottom and get our expert advice on whether renting is the best option:

Are you one of the 37 percent of renters who have a renters insurance policy? Whether your rental agreement requires it or you make the choice to protect the contents of your rental property, this type of policy can provide peace of mind. It can come in handy if you face unexpected situations, like theft or fire, or if an individual is injured while in your home.

But do you fully understand what the policy covers and what to expect should you file a claim? Here’s a breakdown of a few important points.

Replacement Cost Value vs. Actual Cash Value
There are two choices when it comes to how renters insurance values belongings. Replacement cost value determines the amount paid out for a claim based on the present-day cost of buying the same item. Other policies may use actual cash value, which takes into account depreciation due to normal wear and tear. This type of coverage will pay out less than current market value.

A deductible is an out-of-pocket amount a policyholder is responsible for when a claim is filed. In general, the higher the deductible, the lower the monthly insurance premium. Once the deductible is met, the insurance company handles the remaining cost.

Most insurance companies offer discounts if you bundle renters insurance with other policies, such as auto insurance. Safety equipment, like fire alarms and security systems, may result in a reduced rate. Age, good credit and a claim-free history are other factors that insurance companies may consider for discounts.

Liability Protection
Most renters insurance policies include some degree of liability coverage, which helps protect the policyholder from out-of-pocket expenses if an individual has an accident or is injured in your home. For renters who want extra protection, a personal umbrella policy, otherwise known as umbrella liability insurance, may be worth looking into. It can provide further liability coverage beyond the limits of regular policies.



Egelin Property Group enjoys sharing this type of educational information with our clients.  However, we also like to provide suggestions to better your personal investments.  If you are currently renting, we encourage you to contact Egelin Property Group today at (214) 790-4400 so that we can show you the options available to you to potentially purchase your own home, so that you are investing in your future, which in turn makes you rich versus making your landlord rich!  Egelin Property Group is here for you and can’t wait to speak with you and help you achieve all of your real estate dreams!!!!


Moving Day with Small Kids? Make it Fun!

Moving Day: for residents who relish order in their lives, this is one day when no amount of preparation is likely to totally quell the feeling that the world is on the verge of chaos. The day (or days, if the move is one that begins or ends outside your local area) will predictably end with all worldly goods beginning to rearrange themselves in their new settings—but although the outcome is assured, as moving day approaches, rattled nerves require taking a deep breath. Several deep breaths…

When you add small children to the mix, strategic preparation is even clearer as the order of the day. Some of the tried-and-true ideas are ones that all parents naturally figure out—such as having kids help put things away at the new house so they feel part of the process (as well as seeing where familiar things are now located). Other strategies may be obvious, but in the throes of unpacking, can require discipline to carry out—like sticking to the kids’ familiar morning and evening rituals.

One idea is especially useful because it can be completed before the movers arrive. Create a special box or duffel bag with all the child’s “gotta-haves”—toys, blankies, pjs, toothbrushes, a favorite book or two, and the like. Then add some Ziploc bags with the very best special favorite treats (ones that don’t need to be refrigerated)—these will definitely come in handy. Be sure to keep an eye on the special bag throughout the day, and let the child know where it is. Especially as long as there are untapped treats in there, its safety and well-being will be a healthy diversionary focus.

See if you can arrange for the children’s room to be the last the movers pack into the truck. That way, they’ll be first out—which will allow you to set up the children’s room ahead of everything else. It may be necessary to fight powerful contrary urges—like getting the kitchen into some semblance of order—but it will be worth it.  See if some of the child’s own ideas about where to arrange their things are doable. If so, all the better: the feeling of ownership will help make their new room no longer such a strange place (and possibly exactly the perfect place to dig one last treat out of the duffel bag).

Making moving fun for kids is a noble goal. It’s doable for some, but since all kids are different, perhaps creating a moving day where the kids feel they’ve been valued contributors to a family adventure is a significant enough outcome.

Moving day is, after all, the culmination of the team effort that stretches all the way back to when you made that first call to the one who turned out to be your Realtor®. If you’re just at the starting point, I hope that call is to Egelin Property Group at (214) 790-4400!

Loan Interest Rate Outlook: Change in the Wind!

Those of us who keep abreast of where our area’s home loan interest rates are likely to head haven’t had much to keep track of lately. By the end of last week, that was beginning to change.

Ever since the Federal Reserve’s single boost in their Fed Funds rate by a quarter of a percent last December, the interest rate scene had been quiet. At that time, a gradual increase in the Funds rate had been predicted by nearly every observer. It’s the benchmark rate by which banks determine their prime interest rates, which are generally about 3% higher; our home loan interest rates are closely related to those.

But the widely hailed gradual rise in rates failed to appear in January; then again in February—the result of the Fed’s Governors getting cold feet. The economy, battered by some nasty weather and further rained upon by disappointing employment numbers, was judged to be simply too uncertain to have more cold water poured upon it (interest rate hikes do that). The consensus view gradually turned to an expectation that home loan interest rates were stuck in neutral.

This month began with most observers sticking to their guns. The 24/7 Wall Street web site ended April with the headline “Little Chance (or None) Seen for Fed Rate Hike.” They elaborated that “Some economists feel that the rate hike risks have all but dried up for 2016…it does imply that rates will rise far slower than what had been expected…

Businesses (local real estate among them) generally stand to benefit by the continuation of the stimulative effect of low interest rates, so having rates frozen at historically low levels is treated as good news. Sooner or later there will have to be a return to normal interest rate levels, but in the meantime, few voices argue very strenuously against the status quo.

That quiet was broken last Wednesday with the release of minutes from the Fed’s last meeting—the gist of which seemed to be that a June hike in rates was now being seriously considered. Most press reports made it sound as if a rate hike was imminent; but closer scrutiny made that considerably less than a sure thing. What had really been enunciated was subtle.

CNBC’s Kate Rooney had the clearest take in an article about Wall Street trying to make sense of the Fed’s announcements. Since Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s statements in March had led all to believe no rate hike was anticipated, the new strong statement may have been intended to undo too much reliance on that. What was really being said was that a hike would be likely if current positive trends continued, rather than that newly strengthening trends were required. Most importantly, NO prediction was being made: everything would depend on the data (and events like the British vote to leave the European Union).

The bottom line for where home loan interest rates were likely to head? The best call is that unfolding events will determine that—and even the Fed itself awaits what’s to come. The one absolute in all of this was that right now, home loan interest rates remain extremely attractive. It’s nice to have at least one certainty—which continues to be that it’s a very good time to call Egelin Property Group at (214) 790-4400!

Are You Making One of These 7 Landscaping Mistakes?

Don’t let badly designed or maintained landscaping wreck your home’s curb appeal. Here are pitfalls to avoid.  Clumsy, neglected, and hodgepodge landscaping not only hurts your home’s curb appeal, it can cut the value of your property and make it harder to sell.   Real estate appraisers say bad landscaping is a buyer turnoff that can increase the number of days a property languishes on the market, which also hurts prices.

“I’ve been with clients who won’t even go into a house because of the bad landscaping outside,” says Mack Strickland, a Chester, Va., REALTOR® and appraiser.

Even more important, bad landscaping is a downer that hurts the way you see and enjoy your home.  Don’t let bad landscaping happen to you.  Here are the seven landscaping mistakes that bust, rather than boost, your home’s curb appeal.

1.  Planting Without a Plan

Some landscaping choices, such as a line of begonias, will last a season; others, like trees, can last a lifetime. So, take time to plan and plot a yard that gives you maximum enjoyment and curb appeal.

For the design challenged, landscape architects are worth the investment ($300 to $2,500 depending on yard size). They will render elevations of your future yard, and provide plant lists so you can install landscaping yourself.

2.  Too Much Togetherness

Yes, planting in clusters looks way better than installing single plants, soldier-like, throughout your yard. But make sure your groups of perennials, shrubs, and trees have plenty of room to spread, or they’ll look choked and overgrown. Also, over-crowded landscaping competes with itself for food and water, putting the clusters at risk, especially during drought.

Google how high and wide the mature plant will be, and then combine that info with the spacing suggestions on planting labels. At first, garden beds of young plants will look too airy and prairie-like. But within three years, your beds will fill in with room to grow.

Remember: First year it sleeps, second it creeps, third it leaps.

3.  Zoning Out

Don’t be seduced by catalog plants that look gorgeous on paper but aren’t suited to yourhardiness zone. You’ll wind up with plants that die prematurely, or demand winter covers, daily watering, and other intensive efforts to keep them alive and well.

Check plant labels to see which hardiness zones are best for your plants.

4.  More of the Same

Resist the design temptation to carpet-bomb your yard with your favorite plant or shrub, which will create a boring, monochromatic landscape. Worse, your yard will look great when your fave flowers bloom, then will look drab the rest of the year.

Mix things up and strive for four-season color. For example, combine spring-blooming azaleas with summer-blooming roses and autumn-blazing shrubs — such as burning bushes (Euonymus alatus). For winter color, try the red osier dogwood (Cornus stolonifera), a hardy shrub that sports bright-red branches in winter.

5.  Refusing to Bury Your Dead

Nothing wrecks curb appeal faster than rows of dead or dying shrubs and perennials. So quickly remove your dearly departed landscaping from your front and side yards.

Spent plants that lived their natural lives are good candidates for a compost pile — if you grind them first, they’ll decompose faster. But if your landscaping succumbed to disease or infestation, it’s best to inter them in black plastic bags, then add to the trash.

6.  Weeds Gone Wild

Weeds not only wreck the look of your landscaping, they compete with pricey vegetation for water and food. Weeds also can shorten the life of brick, stone, and pavers by growing in mortar cracks.

The best way to stop weeds is to spread a pre-emergent about three weeks before weed seeds typically germinate. If you can’t stop them from growing, at least get rid of weedsbefore they flower and send a zillion weed seeds throughout your yard.

7.  Contain Those Critters

Deer, rabbits, and other backyard pests think your landscaping is an all-you-can eat buffet, leaving you with denuded branches and topless perennials.

If you’ve got a critter problem:

  • Plant deer- or rabbit-resistant varieties. Your local extension agent can provide a list of green things critters won’t eat in your area.
  • Install an electric fence around landscaping you want to protect.
  • Spray plants with critter repellent. After a hard rain, spray again.

As always, Egelin Property Group, is here to help you.  Please contact us with any of your real estate needs or questions at (214) 790-4400.  We are here for you!